Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Here comes the sun!

Today is a stunning day in Edinburgh!

The clear blue skies and blazing sun meant lunch outdoors for me and my colleague.

The university has the most beautiful parklands and gardens next to it, and on a day like this the pale skinned students crawl out of the study rooms back in the dark depths of the library building, and eagerly fill the lawns, notes and books at the ready in the pretence of studying. Most of the time the atmosphere is lovely - students being pleased at the opportunity to ignore the stress of the exams and getting an unusual dose of vitaminD.

However.......... Perhaps we're just a grumpy old bats, but whilst we sat there we realised that everything would be perfect if THIS didn't tend to happen on days like this... Every. Freaking. Time.

//  Tee  -- safe back in bat cave/office

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