Friday, 24 May 2013

A Flash of Inspiration

Ever heard of Flash Fiction? It is an intriguing version of short story telling, where the story is very, VERY short, but still conveys a message and a feeling. Perfect for the modern, fast paced world?

If a conventional short story is a love affair, then flash fiction is essentially that sweet and short fling of the summer when you were 17..

The most extreme version of flash fiction is definitely #TwitterFiction - Yup its got a ridiculous hashtag and all. I can only assume it is a quickie in the back of a car (alternatively a brief flirt with an intriguing looking stranger on the way to work, if you're more romantically inclined with your analogies).

But no matter what analogy you use, the main message is that the story should move, inspire and touch you, just as effectively as a long one, only in a different way.

#TwitterFiction is probably as old as the Twitter phenomenon itself, and is constantly taking criticism from the people who know how things are supposed to be (aka dicks). They say that the authors of TwitterFiction have failed to understand what Twitter is really all about - interaction with other tweeters, conveying of ideas and to be used for regular updates as a kind of commentary track to your life.. Well, I say Down with the Man! Twitter has endless potential as a tool to be used for prose as well as poems and even theatre! There are endless Tweeters who play a character on Twitter already, trying to convey an emotion in 140 characters. And I can't wait to try it out! (If you are interested in this type of story telling check out this masterpiece!)

Todays Teetime will take place through @FridayTeeTime. I will Tweet whenever inspiration hits during the day, but I will collect them and share them all here at Teetime as usual, for those not yet willing to join the Twitterati..

// Tee  --  Thinks that damn tweeter outside the window can hold back its prose till not so early in the morning..

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