Friday, 19 April 2013

Writers Bock..?

... well not writers block per se... The thing is that none of the stories I have lined up for this weeks Tee time actually feel... right. I have no idea why.
Perhaps this is just one of those days..? Here is an example, this morning I found this picture hilarious:

Which kind of highlights what level this day is going to be at... 

Anyway; as a solution to this problem I have decided to play a little game!
I got this idea when chatting to a friend of mine in Nottingham a couple of days ago. He has a mate who posts one picture a week, and lets people write short stories inspired by that picture, which he then posts on the blog. Such a great idea (and yes, I hope to give his web page a go in the near future!). 
So i've decided to use that idea for my challenge today:

The Challenge

I will google the word "pictures". 

I will then take the first two images that appears, no matter what, and write one story inspired by each. I will give myself one hour to complete the story.

Until Tee time!

//   Tee  --  Curled up in bed with a fresh cup of coffee, ready for this challenge! Hope this is not going to be too embarrassing..

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