Thursday, 28 March 2013


So..... the first story is due tomorrow! Wooop!

My initial thought was to post something cheerful at the start, it being yummy chocolatey eastery holidays coming up (with a bank-holiday Monday too!) But then I logged onto twitter, and in amongst all the pictures of fluffy bunnies, and baby chicks, I spotted Obamas tweet:

A remembrance of the school murders in Newtown.. 
Not a cheerful story in the slightest, but then again, I'm thinking Good Friday is one of the most dark holiday days in the calendar, so I decided to use the inspiration (no matter how bleak) for my first story.

However, I think I have managed to write something that might be a little bit beautiful too... But that will be up to you to decide. Please, give me feedback, that's why I am doing this after all!

Till Tee-time
//Tee  - -  Looking out the window, marvelling at the change a little bit of evening sun can make to an otherwise rather bleak Scottish view

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