Monday, 2 June 2014

What’s the deal with this video!??!!

I have seen this video popping up in my Facebook feed very often recently and its DRIVING ME NUTS!!

If you’re lucky enough to have missed it, and don’t want to put yourself through it, here is a summary:
Boy gets lost. Boy uses Google Maps to find his destination. Boy misses the opportunity to talk ask a girl directions. This girl was his ONE AND ONLY. Cue sad music and the story of how this boy lost out on a beautiful life.
Ignoring the obvious flaws …
(1 = there is no such thing as one person for you, 2 = You probably miss out on lots of opportunities to talk to someone you’d get on with and find shaggable every day, even without Google Maps)
… When did everyone around me turn in to such fossils?!?

The technology available today is simply stunning, and I feel so privileged to be alive in this exciting time! Every time I watched Star Trek as a kid in the early nineties I WANTED A TABLET SO BADLY..

And now, when I've got one I almost have to pinch myself! Coooooooolll!!!!!!

Humans have adapted to industrial and technological revolutions just fine, and OK, perhaps keeping our heads bent down over Google maps (or, you know, a paper map....) means we're missing out on THAT particular moment,.  In return, the use of social media means we are spreading news, art, events, ideas, and so on at lighting speed! Amazing.

I can't wait to see what is next!

//  Tee  --  Prepared to live long and prosper, thanks to modern technology

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