Tuesday, 29 October 2013

A sneak peak..

So I am in the middle of something…
Something I feel über-excited about!

I have decided, finally decided, to try to get something a little bit longer written! And, yes, I do realise I will never get it published. That is not the point (she lied..)!  What I really want to do is to give it a go! Get those 13 billion (ca) ideas that is stirring in my head out, and onto 'paper'. Just to see what happens. Will it turn out longer than a few chapters? Will it turn out to be a brick full of shit?

Here is a sneak peak from the creative process from my trusty notebook:

The ideas are flowing thick and fast at the moment so I only have time to annotate them quickly, in no order, and with no particular concept in mind. Words mixed with glued in pictures and hand drawn maps (with uncanny resemblances to vaginas, according to my partner!?  :-O Will the story turn out to be set in Feminist-land?! ) and family trees. All in combination with insanely random iPhone notes such as this:

Not sure if any of this will turn out to anything at all. And definitely not sure is is a good idea or not. It all remains to be seen..
I am not a writer. I am not particularly good at keeping deadlines. But I am also allergic to how things should be -  I want to try and get through things in my own way and give it a go.

So, keep your eyes open for the next literature Nobel for short stories being posted on here that have the feel of loose chapters from a larger story… I might very well, shamelessly, use y'all as editors!

//  Tee  --  Excited! Off to get a coffee, with an added teaspoon of double cream (which is incredibly tasty - Try it!)

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